Who are we?

Evolve Traffic Solutions is a transportation engineering consulting company based in Coquitlam, BC.  Evolve is managed by Alon Weinberger, P.Eng., a Transportation Engineer with 10 years of industry experience in the field of Transportation Engineering and Planning.

Why Evolve?

Many local governments, transportation agencies, and even other transportation engineering companies, still use traditional methods in their transportation-related projects.  However, the world around us is evolving - the way we travel, where we choose to live and work, the technology we use, the choices we make, and our increasing environmental awareness.  At Evolve, we believe that our approach to solving transportation issues should also evolve.

We Look At The Big Picture.  Always.

The best traffic solutions may sometimes produce results that were not anticipated.  A small project with a minor increase in traffic can create a ripple effect on the area road system; a newly built bike path can sit unused if it does not provide the best connection and safety for its users; a road improvement may attract more traffic than was predicted to use it. At Evolve, we know that understanding the big picture beyond our assignment is crucial in providing true long term solutions.


We Collect The Data That Matters

Data is much more than just counting cars, and traffic doesn't only happen during rush hours on major roads; yet, there are still agencies and firms that rely solely and base their decisions on limited traffic data.  With an ever-increasing use of smartphones, road and transit users are able to make quick route choice decisions, which make traditional data collection methods unreliable.  At Evolve, we collect the data that matters the most for that specific project. We do not just collect data - we understand it.

We Use The Right Tools For The Job

Today's engineers and planners are fortunate to have a large array of analysis tools at their disposal. However, many traffic studies are still done with old analysis tools and methodologies which are not suitable for these specific studies.  At Evolve, we know that there is not a "one size fits all" solution - each project is unique and requires a different approach. 

We Collaborate, And Promote Collaboration

People travel through municipal boundaries, use local or provincial roads, and sometimes use more than one transit system. Working in a "bubble" does not yield good long term results.  At Evolve, we believe that stakeholder collaboration is the back-bone of a successful project, and we advocate for information exchange between agencies for our projects.